1. How reliable are you? It takes trust to build a company. We have been in the freight business for over 28 years, delivering cargo all over the world. So you can see that wee are 101% reliable.
  2. How does the delivery to the warehouse occur if there is no seaport in the city?We use different transportation methods to guarantee delivery. If there is no seaport in the city, we use either air, trucks or trains to deliver.
  3. Can you guarantee the exact delivery date?Of course, we prioritize your delivery arriving as early as needed, so we can guarantee exact delivery date.
  4. What freight method do you major on?While we use different shipping methods to ensure quick delivery, we major mostly on marine shipping, since we mostly transport very heavy goods. We also handle land and air shipping. Whether it is small bulk or large machinery, we will deliver.
  5. What payment method do you accept?Most freight payments are done with a Company check. However you can also pay with wire transfer or credit card (subject to administrative fee).
  6. Why are shipping rates so valitile?“While there are several factors involved, the primary is market demand. Traditionally from Dec through April for imports, especially from Asia to the U.S., it is called the “”slow season.””Because the retail market slows down after Christmas. However from mid January through early February there is an upsurge of cargo moving to beat the Chinese New Year deadline whereby factories all over China shut down for weeks. This usually keeps rates high as there is always space problems for cargo getting on vessels. From May through November this would be the “”peak season”” where there is a big demand for cargo moving into the U.S., so the Carriers raise the rates during this period, with the GRI (general rate increase), and PSS (peak season surcharge). Another factor is fuel, or what is called the Bunker Fuel factor. This is a floating surcharge that the Carrier’s can change when oil prices rise or fall. It is called the BAF. Another factor is when the Carrier has increases in costs such as when Terminal costs rise, especially with Unions, congestion problems, etc. Or when the U.S Rail costs increase for similar reasons. This is where the Carriers can add in new surcharges which have happened in the past and eventually get absorbed into the “”all in “” rate quoted. Most recently the primary reason for rate increases, was a knee jerk response to the tremendous downturn in traffic and volume as a result of the current U.S. recession since ’08. This downturn caused many carriers to lose about 50% of their previous volume and while their costs remained the same or higher, and their revenue all but disappeared, they found themselves the beginning of this year looking at an average of $500, 000,000 in losses per Carrier. So from late ’09 until May of ’10, most Carriers put a large portion of their fleet out of commission off the coast of Singapore. Thereby creating a vessel shortage, or a false space problem. This gave them all excuse to raise their rates again, in order to salvage their businesses. This type of thing is not normal.
  7. How many containers do you move a year?About 10,500 a year
  8. What is the maximum size or weight?
    This varies depending on the airline so please ask us. As a rule of thumb, maximum normal cargo dimensions: 120x80x60in. As the weight and size increase so will the cost. If your cargo is oversized or requires special handling, ask us about special rates.
    How is chargeable weight calculated?
    There is a special formula.
    Just give us all three dimensions and we will calculate the chargeable weight for you or you can download our conversion calculator here.
  9. What’s the best way to save money on air freight?
    Ship only the most important items, pack in as small of a box, crate or pallet as possible.
  10.  What kind of paperwork I will need to fill out ahead of time?
    We will send you some paperwork for you to fill out the basic information, Such as shipper and receiving party contact information. Don’t worry, we will take care of all the export custom and paperwork for you.
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